photo contest 2017

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:: Winners from the jury vote 2017 ::

  1. Winter

2. Spring

3. Summer

4. Autumn



:: 2017 public vote winners ::

Pictures with highest average score from your votes

  1. Winter     – Sv. Chtirkov        – 4.86
  2. Spring       – P. Valchanova   – 4.89
  3. Summer   – Sv. Chtirkov       – 4.73
  4.  Autumn  – Sv. Chtirkov       – 4.78

:: ::

AMC contest galery

AMC photo contest 2017 is looking forward for your pictures. Please send your pictures and a short (max 50 characters) description to : or upload directly to our website from the form at the bottom.

Pictures should be: JPEG/JPG, Landscape 4:3 and minimum 5Mpx. The deadline for sending your pictures to us is 08. 11.2017  24:00UTC.

AMC photo contest 2017 will be held in 4 categories: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Pictures will be published here.

You can vote using the 0-5 point system until 24UTC on 18th of November and the picture from every category with the highest score from the voting on AMC web site, will be published in AMC annual calendar. The rest of the pictures included in the calendar will be selected by a 3 member jury with competence in photography.

For rules and more information click here.